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LSPDFR chrashes with Albo1125's Traffic Policer mod

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Hello, i installed LSDPFR and it's working perfectly. After that i installed Albo's traffic policer mod. But when i trying to go on-duty, LSPDFR crashes. I'm sure about i intsalled everythink right. Albo's troubleshooter telling me everythink is good. I have latest version of RAGENativeUI and my game is original.





[20.04.2018 05:06:02]: LSPDFR Troubleshooter by Albo1125|
[20.04.2018 05:06:02]: Troubleshooter up to date: True|
[20.04.2018 05:06:02]: RPH Path found automatically: F:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\RAGEPluginHook.exe|
[20.04.2018 05:06:05]: RegGTAVPath: F:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V|
[20.04.2018 05:06:09]: WMP version: 12,0,10011,16384|
[20.04.2018 05:06:09]: Windows Folder path: C:\WINDOWS|
[20.04.2018 05:06:09]: Windows Folder path: C:\WINDOWS|
[20.04.2018 05:06:09]: C++ 2015 VS subkey exists: True|
[20.04.2018 05:06:11]: FileID: 10294. Up to date: True|
[20.04.2018 05:06:14]: FileID: 8303. Up to date: True|



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i have the same problem, i have been looking for a reason and it is because sometimes traffic policer makes incompability with rage plugin hook v0.62.

because that plugin is not make for the last versión. we should talk with albo


so we should wait for a new versión of traffic policcer

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