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William Ahn

GTA EFLC Freezes at loading screen Windows 10, Xliveless

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Hi, my GTA EFLC won't start, it just infinitely has the loading screen with "blah blah... Rockstar games New York, NY, USA" part(the loading screen I uploaded along with this support request). I also tried with Xliveless because some said Windows 10 doesn't support GFWL games in fullscreen.


Though, it works when it's set to Windowed by commandline.txt, and it performs horrible HORRIBLE graphics set up. My laptop runs GTA V in full graphics and has GTX 1060, I'm 100% sure my laptop is WAY beyond GTA IV's recommended specs.


I want to play it in fullscreen, full graphics set up, with LCPDFR and more mods and plugins.


Any help?

GTA IV Error.png

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