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So I am just getting back into LSPDFR and am installing everything fresh. Are there any vehicle packs that include every usable police slot? I can only find packs that have police 1, 2, 3 and a couple others. But is there a pack that has a car for the police, sheriff, fbi, etc included along with the vehicle meta all in one? I have trouble using different vehicles because I can't edit the meta properly or things just don't work. If you know of a pack like this and could tell me it would be appreciated! 

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My suggestion for easy installation is to use the following:


 for 15 Hway patrol cars.

For 2 good sheriff and FBI cars, sheriff/sheriff2 and fbi/fbi2


And this pack for police to like police7.


I've gone away from packs like these because installing cars is incredibly easy. Take the time to learn an you'll appreciate it. 



The packs above use .oiv installation. Its as simply as pressing a button in the OpenIV and it installs them for you. I'll help you with that if you need it. 

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