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LT. Jake

Crash going on duty or Force Duty (RPH)

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So I log in on LSPDFR one day, everything goes as normal. I load into my Ped Model and type in the command "Force Duty." After everything loads in, LSPDFR crashes, saying; "Unhandled exception occurred in console command 'ForceDuty'." I uninstall and reinstall RPH, as it was the logical thing to do at this time, same error.  


I look at many forums after on this site regarding this error and many people say to remove the last plugin that loads in before the crash.

This is the log before I remove anything: https://pastebin.com/0PvwU5JL


I first remove L.S Noir, since this is the last Plugin that loads that I actually recognize (I have a lot of plugins installed, from recognized content creators). Nothing changes. This is the log after I remove L.S Noir: https://pastebin.com/xX4EXH1K


That doesn't work. I finally recognize the plugins that load in last and remove them. That doesn't work at all either, but changed something. The Unhandled error doesn't pop up anymore but LSPDFR still crashed. This is that Log: https://pastebin.com/Kubhbyhd


Yes, I did try loading in through the Downtown PD's on duty menu, still the same issue


I don't know if the last issue was just because LSPDFR overloaded (It's an occasional thing), and I never tried force duty again because I got tired (I've been working on a fix all day) or if its the same issue. If the final issue is just temp, let me know. If there is a fix I can do to this, let me know as well.


Thanks :thumbsup:

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If you remove the last plugin that loads before the game crashes, you are all good. I don't know why it crashed at the end, but it might have been the occasional crash

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