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Jacob Winters

RAGEHOOK Crash on Startup

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Howdy Y'all.


I've been having some issues with Ragehook for a while now. It seems to crash right on startup. The Launcher, from the logs I have read, seems to hook fine into the game itself. However, during the "texture system" initialization, it crashes. I've tried reinstalling GTA, and it worked only the first time I launched the game. I had closed it, and when I attempted to re-open, it began this issue. The game can open normally when launched via Steam, but refuses to do so through Rage. Thanks!


Rage Launcher Log (RagePluginHookLauncher.log): https://pastebin.com/NCEJTdJj

Rage Game Log (RagePluginHook.log): https://pastebin.com/miPraySK 

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I have found my personal solution, so I would like to share with everyone else. All that is needed to be done is to launch GTA via Steam, allow yourself to load in fully, and launch the RAGEPluginHook.exe. If I could help anyone with the same issue as me, there you go. Have fun!

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