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West Vancouver And Vancouver Police Pack?

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You just have to put more effort in and make your own from different models around the web. That is what I have done.


I have 2 CV's that are unreleased and I am not 100% sure, but I think I am not allowed to release them to anyone. The best you can do for the General Duty VPD cars is wait, Tim98 is working on some now.

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I know you are new here KM_Sherman but just an advice, for future reference, use the Search on the top right hand side of the page. Also this thread is old and it's best to contact the original Poster (Slimory) via private message. A lot of people get annoyed when old topics suddenly get bumped, so its best to create a new one and ask your question.


but to answer your question, I made this skin and released it here at lcpd:fr in a while back.




I was told by a member who lives in Vancouver that the font is not scaled accurately, but that everything else is fine and well placed. I was going to make another version with an accurate sized font but I never had the time to fix it so I released the skin anyways. Also the trunk "Beyond The Call" text is NOT the right font, I couldn't find the proper font so I used a different one. I don't have a skin pack for it and I don't plan on making one.

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