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Car conversion request from nfs

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Hi guys, some time ago I read Need for Speed cars had a good polygon number for GTA 4 and I think this car would be badass for patroling the streets of LC.

1977 Plymouth Fury/1977 Dodge Monaco






Or this '77 Chevrolet Caprice with a Chicago police lightbar:



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There isn't any '77 Monaco/Fury out there for GTA IV, there's just 71 Fury and 74 Monaco, that are totally different cars :confused:

Myself I prefer the Fury, are almost identical, but I had some time ago a experience with one and since then I'm in love with that car, besides it really looks badass


But a police version of the '74 Monaco is also a good idea, CPD used a lot of them, and NYPD used '75 Gran Fury, that similar model than the '74 Monaco...

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Well yeah, I love them oldies myself, but no one else does, unfortunately.

Yeah, we're few, same about it.

Anyway my request is still standing ;)

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