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Brighter ELS lights ?

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Find this line in your visual settings:


# Other emissive lights  
car.defaultlight.emissive.on 141.50

I use 141.50, which looks great.

Find your visual setttings in common/data/ for GTA IV

For EFLC (you need to use this file instead) it's in TLaD/common/data for TLaD, and TBoGT/common/data/ for TBoGT.

Or use the Radiance mod. Can't find a link, GPM is F***** up when it comes to old links.


Thanks for this INFO, I was able to mod my visualsettings.dat file to a amount of my choice. Its amazing tho, 141.50 makes it look so bright that white over powers the other colors. But they did have realistic illumination orbs and reflection. Loved it!

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