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Crash log new lspdfr

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When calling backup this crash occured because lspdfr was freezing the game

[27/02/2016 21:32:28.766] [TRACE] Events_PlayerInTrafficStop: Nearby cop assisting in traffic stop code 3
[27/02/2016 21:32:38.803] LSPD First Response: WARNING! Plugin "LSPD First Response" was terminated because it caused the game to freeze (Freeze was caused by game fiber: RespondBackup).
[27/02/2016 21:32:38.803] LSPD First Response: Stack trace of game fiber "RespondBackup" in plugin "LSPD First Response" at the time of termination:
[27/02/2016 21:32:38.805] LSPD First Response: Could not be retrieved.
[27/02/2016 21:32:39.493] LSPD First Response: System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread interrotto.
[27/02/2016 21:32:39.494] in Rage.GameFiber.SleepThis(Int32 duration)
[27/02/2016 21:32:39.495] in ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????()
[27/02/2016 21:32:39.495] in ?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????()
[27/02/2016 21:32:39.495] LSPD First Response: Car key error handled.
[27/02/2016 21:33:07.248] Invalid call to console command "LoadPlugin": Parameter "pluginFileName" of console command "LoadPlugin" is not optional, but no argument was specified.


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