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Games For Windows Live Not Updating (Windows 8.1)

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I just reinstalled my operating system again which is Windows 8.1. My buddies offered me a position in their clan so I decided to reinstall Grand Theft Auto IV after a long break of not playing it because of the stability issues. Anyways, I have Games for Windows Live working in-game. The menu opens and allows me to sign in with my existing Xbox live account, how ever when Games for Windows Live tries to update, I get an error message saying something about not having a connection. This is not my problem I can obviously access the internet. After doing more research from the information Rockstar provided and I did all the steps. I did notice however my computer will not allow me to install Microsoft Windows Live ID Sign-In Assistant, because of my computer being on Windows 8.1. I used to run Grand Theft Auto IV on Windows 8.1 before, I just don't remember what I did to make it work.

So to sum up this post.
 - How can I make Windows Live Update?


 - How can I make Windows Live ID Sign-In assistant install on Windows 8.1?

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