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LCSO Sergeant Jester

Las Vegas Metro Police Pack?

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LVMPD, Cops TV. We've all seen Cops TV, or atleast I hope you've all seen the show. Shame if you haven't. Staying on topic. I've been seeing a lot of episodes featuring LVMPD. And I would love to have someone help, or make a pack for them! I've tried looking for a pack that's previously been made. And the packs were either completely bad (example; Dodge charger, with a Chicago lightbar, and completely blue lights... Like wat?) or a liberty lightbar. So, right now. I've made my own little pack that's sorta realistic. It features obviously LVMPD already made vehicles (Only a Crown Victoria, and F150) and then features a CHP Tahoe, and NYPD charger with lightbar color changes & template changes. Though I'm definitely one for realism, and would LOVE more vehicles that were realistic. Some other vehicles I found that were realistic, had tons of poly which is a no-go! I'd prefer the poly to stay under 80-90k. I don't really care about laptops or really anything inside the car, only lights & other special things I'd see on the outside. So high res. laptops and stuff ain't really a need. At the moment, I'm unable to get pictures though when I get home I'll try and upload some if needed. If anyone could do this, that'd be amazing! Please comment, if you want this to happen or are able to assist with it! Thanks. 

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