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A more realistic Arrest?

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Hello, so first, i have an idea, and i don't have any experience in modding so bare with me here. Also need to say that i LOVE LSPDfr and all the mods that are usable ofc :) 

Feel free to point me in the right direction if i'm in the wrong forum or if this has already been said. Searched a few keywords but nothing came up. 

The thing i want to change is the arrest phase. (When you point a gun and wait for the bar to fill up) 

So what would i like? (Short version, pm me for more info)

I would like it to be like this. 

When i draw my gun or maybe a hand weapon, like the stick. and are focusing/aiming on a ped/suspect and press E, he should start to shout, police, freeze, get down, bla,bla,bla  (instead of today when i start shout when the bar is filled up.) Also when i press E this triggers a script in the background that makes the suspect surrender or keep trying to fight/get away. Like when i press E, it can be as easy as 70% surrender and 30% keeps fighting, or some variabels, like if suspect has a gun  "chance" to keep fighting goes up to 60%, and so on with maybe many variabels? Changeable variabels even?

Without further due, i think you get my idea. 

What do you think? Do tell.

Here is a Banana and a Potato for reading :) 

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