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When i start LSPDFR it mostly goes fine i load in then mostly teleports me to the pd or somewhere else as a cop and then i press alt + p and then it makes me no longer on duty but i still have a model of a cop and most of the time when doing a normal mission without LSPDFR on it just crashes for no reason and it does it much more frequently when i play on duty the only mods i've got is the Met police vehicles and the Met police something i don't know but it changes the police uniforms to UK and the vehicle one changes the police vehicles to UK vehicles and i've also got ELS V8.5. This is really bugging me and i want it to stop i tried removing the LSPDFR folder into the bin and then running it with just the uk cops and vehicles and still crashes and i doubt its the models as only replaces the current models and it also a lot of youtubers use these models and they do not crash and yes i have installed the mods correctly using SparkIV and i have a quite powerful computer that can run arma 3 on 100fps or more without lagging and even play other high graphic games so i doubt its because of my computer.

Could someone help me quick because i really do not want to uninstall LCPDFR and the models as the models look great and LCPDFR is amazing.


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