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LSPDFR Causes crashes

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Look when i started LSPDFR it was fine it used to be fine but then after some time using it , it started crashing and now that i installed this UK uniforms and UK police vehicles it started crashing like no tomorrow can someone tell me a fix or something because i see other people like double doppler and others using these mods and they don't crash did i do something wrong? i used sparkiv and put the vehicles into cdimage>vehicle something I've forgotten and i have done the uniforms correctly aswell because i really don't want to uninstall  LSPDFR or for the matter of fact even the uk models.

Also for some reason when ever i open gta 4 and start a load it brings me to the pd with LSPDFR turned on i don't understand why and also when i stop it sometimes it even still keeps me as a cop so a model of a cop even though i got LSPDFR turned off.

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