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If You Have Steam Version Of Game This Is How I Got Mine To Work

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When I got home on Friday from a long week, I cranked up my game and GTAV updated.  I knew immediately that I had to update at least RPH.  I went to LSPDFR site, got the info that I needed to update to RPH .35.  The site was down but I used the alternate link.  Updated to RPH .35 and launched the game.  Initially it told me to update to the newest version of ScriptHookV so I did.  Launched the game again and it was loading fine.  Got to the character screen, it was showing that the plugins were loading and then bam, the game crashed to desktop.  To make a long story short, I was thinking that it was a plugin that caused the crash.  I went to the RPH settings screen where I could tell it not to load any plugins except LSPDFR (hold shift right after you launch RPH until you get the settings screen).  Launched again, same result..crashed to desktop.  Went on forums and ran across a post (can't remember the guy's name) but he confirmed to update ScriptHookV (was already done) but added that you have to put a copy of the new update RPF file (located in the update folder in your GTAV directory) in your update folder in your mods folder.  Delete the old update RPF file and copy the new one into that folder (update folder located in the mods folder).  Relaunched the game and it worked.  Got me all the way into the game at the police station, but there were no police shields on the map.  So now LSPDFR was in conflict with something.  So what the heck, I'll uninstall everything LSPDFR and RPH and reinstall them and see what happens.  I DID NOT UNINSTALL PLUGINS OR ANYTHING ELSE, JUST LSPDFR AND RPH ONLY.  Since I installed LSPDFR 0.3 using the alternative method where it installs everything automatically using the auto installer (installs everything in its proper place), there is an uninstall exe. located in the GTAV directory that will uninstall everything automatically.  So I did that.  I then used the LSPDFR auto installer to reinstall LSPDFR and RPH .34 (rph .34 is included with the lspdfr 0.3 update).  Then I had to update RPH only to .35 version.  Once I did that, I launched the game and bam, the game loaded all the plugins without crashing at all.  Loaded into the game in front of the police station, all of the shields were back on the map and I was able to go on duty and play.  The only thing I had to do is update some plugins from albo such as arrest manager, traffic policer etc.  As long as you didn't disable the auto check for updates option in the .ini files for the plugins, it will tell you which plugins you need to update.  I know this was a lot of info, so here is the short step by step version of what I did for the steam version:


1.  Allow steam to update GTAV to the latest version as this is the version I'm working with.

2.  Go to your GTAV directory (steam/steamapps/common/GTAV) after steam has updated GTAV, go to the update folder, make a copy of the update RPF file, then go to your update folder inside your mods folder and delete the old update RPF file and paste the new one in there.

3.  Update your ScriptHookV.  Go to http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/ download the file from the box at bottom right corner.  Delete your old ScriptHookV files in the GTAV directory (should be two...the dll and log file under it).  Insert the updated files.

4.  Uninstall LSPDFR and whatever RPH version you have.  I have an LSPDFR uninstall exe. since I used the auto install version to install it.  So when I click on the uninstall exe. in the GTAV directory, it uninstalls everything LSPDFR and RPH.  AGAIN, DO NOT UNINSTALL ANY PLUGINS SUCH AS POLICE RADIO, CALLOUTS ETC.  You will only need to update these things after you have completed the reinstall.  Double check to make sure that everything LSPDFR and RPH was uninstalled.

5.  Once you have uninstalled LSPDFR and RPH, reinstall LSPDFR 0.3.  I used the auto install version which installed all of the files and folders in their proper locations.  It also installs RPH 0.34.

6.  Once you have installed LSPDFR 0.3 again, you HAVE TO UPDATE RPH FROM 0.34 WHICH COMES WITH THE LSPDFR 0.3 UPDATE TO RPH 0.35.  

7.  Once you have completed both the LSPDFR 0.3 and RPH 0.35 reinstalls, launch the game using the RPH exe.  You can right click on the RPH exe. located in the GTAV directory and send to desktop and launch it from there.

Your game should work when you launch it.  Now I must say this.  I don't have any graphics enhancing modified files or plugins or anything of the sort which alters the look of the game.  I'm not sure what type of enhancements would affect the game but the same guy who said to put a copy of the update rpf file into your mods/update folder mentioned something about this if I'm not mistaken.  So hopefully this works for some of you guys if not all.  I apologize for the long post but I wanted to be as thorough as possible.  I'm not a modder or anything but I know how to follow instructions and by doing so I have been able to learn and work through fixing everything that has been thrown my way so far with the help of people who are good at it.  So thanks to all you guys who put the time and effort into fixing issues and providing the information that is needed to keep us up and running.




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Unfortunately like every fix, there are some it won't work for.  Sorry my man.  I posted this because it sucks not being able to play something you enjoy playing.  I hope they fix the problem soon for sure.

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