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Request- Custom CVPI

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Hello modders, I have a request of you.

So I've found plenty of CVPIs with all kinds of different setups, lightbars, rims, etc. But, I haven't found any in the particular style I like, specifically for the lightbar. 

What I'm looking for is one of the newer CVPI models with the silver hubcaps, or 'LAPD' style rims, but with the red & blue lightbar from the default police transporter. A weird request I know, but I've always liked that LB and I'd like to see it on my favorite car, the CVPI. Not sure about the possibility/plausibility of this, but I'd also like to see lights in the grille (like this car: https://img.gta5-mods.com/q95/images/michigan-state-police-cvpi/e44f47-2015-11-25_00002.jpg), a traffic advisor (like the Orange lightbar seen on the lifeguard vehicle?) On the top of the rear windscreen, & the usual strobing taillights featured on most cars. I'm not sure the feasibility of some of those requests, as I know there is a limit to the amount of lights that can be put on any given vehicle. 

Of course, like most of the models out there, I'd like the basic lot of police equipment. Siren console/radio on the centre console, laptop on the centre, radio and RADAR sitting on the dash, shotgun rack, cage between front & rear cabin, etc. If you really want to be my hero, a nice looking push bar (like the SETINA ones I've seen around), one of the small push bars that go on the rear bumper of vics (ex: http://www.imcdb.org/i315216.jpg) and ANPRs on the trunk lid & side of the lightbar (like this: http://media.nj.com/camden_impact/photo/2011-12-05-09-27-34-622jpg-426b011c6cd7b96b.jpg) would make you a god in my eyes.

As far as skins go, the model would just need to fit the skins from the F5544/POLICESCO/etc so I can put my desired texture that fits that template on.

Don't get me wrong I did try to work zmodeler to do this myself, however to my understanding what you people do might as well be witchcraft. Beats me how you guys pull this stuff off. 

If any of you want to make a LE enthusiasts who is modding impaired's day, I'd beg of you to take on this project and I'll be forever greatful.




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