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Which mods affect update.rpf?

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Hello everyone,

as i've read, adding the new update.rpf to your mods folder will help RagePlugin back to work again. So far i've extracted my modded update.rpf with OpenIV and saved it, in case there is a better solution in sight. So in my understanding you have to reinstall all the mods that affect the update.rpf. As I'm not 100% sure which mods affect it, because i deleted one or two archives out of my download folder i want to make a list of the mods i know. Maybe you guys could help me out with mods you know that will affect update.rpf?
I'm sure about:

-WeaponSoundUpgrade 3.5
-Vision V ENB By Blomst A.k.a Jaso87
-LED Spotlight and Corona Mod

Maybe that are all mods i've installed (with Effect on update.rpf) but i'm not completly sure. Please add the mods you know. This could be a provisional solution to go back on duty. But maybe you'll have to reinstall these mods anyway so i would be glad if you could help.

Greetings from Germany


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