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LSPDFR 0.3 problem

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Hello everyone,

I have an issue with LSPDFR 0.3, I installed everything and when I try to lunch game with RagePluginHook I get this message:

"windows has blocked (then I get few names of dll files)" I have no idea how to unblock them.

When I lunch the game, game itself works but I can't manage to fix LSPDFR mod to work.

Could someone please help me solve this issue?

Also one more thing I didn't have startup txt file when I installed LSPDFR manually so I downloaded and installed auto install version.

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7 minutes ago, coffezzz said:




That's the problem I did all that both for GTA 5 Global and GTA 5 Steam version and I can't manage to start RAGEPluginHook.

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Here are 2 images of RAGEPluginHook error, when I click yes it disappears and nothing happens after that.

I tried installing LSPDFR 0.3 manually and with automatically with installer and it doesn't work :(



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1 hour ago, ZeFloppydopda said:

Try running the RagePluginHook.exe in administrator mode, by right clicking the EXE and selecting Run as Administrator. 

I did and when I do I get the error message I posted above and when I click yes nothing happens... I also updated netframework.. :/

Just to explain this once again I installed LSPDFR manually and tried with RAGEPlugin that comes with it and it didn't work.

I tried to install it automatically and run it with RAGEPlugin that comes with automatic installation and it didn't work either.

I ran RAGEPlugin as administrator every time. 

The problem may be I didn't get  startup.rphs txt file when I installed the game either way. I tried to put it there manually but doesn't help either.. :(

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