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New to LSPDFR, please help!

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I was hoping that someone that knew more about LSPDFR would clarify these 4 topics. 

- I have LSPDFR 0.3 and the latest RagePluginHook (34)

1. I downloaded LSPDFR as soon as I got GTA V so, I haven't done much of the story. When I load LSPDFR, the map seems incomplete. I can see almost all of the city, but not the outskirts and all of the north part. But I still can see all the police stations, so I'm wondering: Is this because I haven't done much of the story? (When in the normal story mode, the map is the same)

2. I can't arrest anybody. I point my gun at them and press E, and they just run away, as if I'm not there. 

3. I can't do any pullovers. I go behind a car, and press SHIFT but nothing happens. 

4. I'm not sure I'm running 0.3.  police stations, I can walk into the Mission Row police station, and it seems like the 0.3 update, but when go to I think any other, I get the prompt to press ";" which is what I have bound. I get the 5 second animation of the camera going around the building (signs of the older version right?) 

I'm hoping a more experienced LSPDFR user could clarify these, they are probably obvious but I guess I'm a noob. Thanks : )

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1. the map gets revealed as you explore. once you visit that area the map for it will be open, if you have never been there then you dont know whats there. you can also unlock the map with simple native trainer but if its your first time playing GTA I would suggest exploring the map to unlock it, ALOT of cool stuff to find.

2. Hold E to preform a takedown.

3.Shift just marks the car for takedown you still have to turn your lights on to pull it over. once you blip it to pull over the siren will turn off into code 2 but the lights will remain on, if the suspect begins to flee the sirens will kick back on into full code 3 mode. You can press 'J' to toggle them between code 2/3 as well.

4. thats fine the only one with a vanilla copy you can enter is mission row. there is mods out there that open other interiors but thats upto you if you want to download those they are entirely optional. if you can enter the locker room/cells in mission row then you are on 0.3

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