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Case reports for RP.

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Because I love the idea of realism and I love getting completely engulfed into an immersion simulation, I introduce to you your very own case file for LSPDFR!

Now you might be saying, who would want this?

-People who want to get the maximum amount of roleplay

-People who want to practice for future LE positions

-People who are bored

-Anyone who wants it!

Eventually I plan on making a website where people can upload their very own case files and be able to search the data via Name, DOB, Address, SS Number and all other stuff. For now it's just a template. This may not interest a lot of people, but for those of you who it does interest go ahead a grab one. It's a good way to keep up with your own roleplaying experience as well as give you that final push into immersion.

I will upload my own case files here for the time being so people can get a general idea of what to write.

Be safe, be secure, and be diligent. 


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