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Ragehook wont start , LCPDFR not working

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Hello , i dont know what to do anymore..i decided to install LSPDFR , but when i start my game i dont have no blips of police stations so I thought that lspdfr script is not properly loaded 
but when i press console key for ragehook to load it manually nothing happens (i have no ragehook loading , only at startup i see logo of ragehook..) i have everything unblocked , ubdated and i run game as admin , so I tried to install everything again and still its not working..

i have no log in my game folder because ragehook wont load..

(sorry for my bad english im not from english speaking country) 

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UBDATE - fixed i had copy of my game with name Grand Theft Auto V - mods .. must be only Grand Theft Auto V

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