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LCPDFR Keeps Crashing

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  I will get basically 5 minutes in where I'm responding to a shootout, and bam it crashes.  I reload the game, another 5 minutes passes by it's down again.  This just keeps happening, and I really am tired of this.  Any most probable scenarios to why this is happening?

My mods:

Traffic Flow, SNT, SWAT Issued Weapons, Glock 20, ASP Baton, ELS, LCPD Tahoe, Ford Tarus, Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, Dodge Charger, a CVPI Crown VIC, (with custom skins), and finally custom Sirens and Weapon Audio installed

I've done runs where I've had this go for over 30 minutes which was nice, but now it's just downright stupid how long it lasts.  If it helps I patrol the Triangle region, and I have no visual mods because I don't like the drop in performance.

Thank you for the help, in advance.

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Reinstall everything one by one like Weapons first and test then vehicle models second and see if it crashes. 

Also try to run lcpdfr clean without any car models and textures or callouts and see if it crashes. 

andmake sure you are tricking your vram so its big enough to handle GTA IV because having too much MB files in lcpdfr will crash the game. 

use -commandline :thumbsup:

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