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Endless red dots

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Hello guys!

I have this very frustrating problem. Every time i become a police officer in lspdfr 3.0 i get an endless amount of red dots (angry grovestreet people) after me that kills me with guns. After i respawn it takes some minutes, but then they're after me again.

Lspdfr is the only mod i have installed.

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I have the same problem very frustrating i wanna do some normal cop stuf but i can't because those people!

i hope to hear from you guys!

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It makes me wonder if it is a particular save you are using.. I remember this happening to me back when I played story mode  and Michael and Trevor have been exiled from the city.  So whenever I tried to go into the city I would be attacked over and over until I progressed through the story mode to be allowed back in the city..Like you have to complete some mission out there than allows you back into the city where you can then save the game.. What you could try to do is load normal story mode, meaning launching from GTA and not RagePluginHook..Then load up a previous save you have, save the game again and then exit and try loading LSPDFR back up..

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