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GTA 4 crashes after loading screen

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I had LCPDFR up and running just fine and have been playing it for over a day now. Just a few minutes ago it crashed during a pursuit while I was chasing the armed suspects in a van and called for air support and NOOSE. Now I can't load the game up as it crashes immediately after the loading screen. I had just recently installed Finkone's Radar Gun which wasn't working out too well for me so I deleted the two script files as well as the RadarGun.wdr file using OpenIV. I deleted all of my savegames (I might have saved on duty yesterday but it didn't crash then) and settings config file, have run the game as an admin, have verified the game's files in Steam and the entire Grand Theft Auto IV folder in my Steam/steamapps directory is not set to read-only and I have full control. The closest I got to playing today was being able to drive a few feet in the first mission with Roman before it crashed yet again.

Current mods: 

Latest LCPDFR, Simple Trainer V65, Traffic Flow V5R2, gtaiv max fps (Contig, gtxd.img, timecyc.dat), ELS V8.51, and some car mods installed using SparkIV 0.6.6 (currently had an LCPD Pack V1.1 AC replacing the original police car, police2, polpatriot, a marked Caprice replacing the NOOSE cruiser, and an undercover 2015 Charger replacing the FIB Buffalo). 

I installed the car mods simply by using SparkIV and rewriting over the old police car files I had previously installed. The only other things I can think of besides possibly saving on duty the other day were adding a Sultan RS to my garage (that I spawned in using the trainer) and the other car that the Russian gangsters drive in Hove Beach (forgot the name, has a big wing, black wheels, and a windshield banner) that I had changed to the color black using the trainer and then saving the vehicles. I was able to play for awhile and it only seemed to crash when I had been involved in a pursuit and had called for air support, NOOSE, and a roadblock (if I remember correctly). Please help! I was having so much fun since I finally had my dream of playing LCPDFR come true after lots of troubleshooting.

Currently using a MacBook Pro 13" (mid-2012) with an Intel i5 and Intel HD 4000 graphics (trust me, I'm surprised it works too lol. It's far from pretty but it's good enough for me with a stable fps!). I'm running BootCamp and have Windows 10 installed. I am using Steam and a legitimate copy of GTA IV. Again, it was working prior to today! So I'm not sure if it was something regarding the NOOSE vehicle, the save game or saved vehicles, or if I uninstalled Finkone's radar gun incorrectly by just deleting the three files. I noticed this in the log file: "CRITICAL ERROR DURING MAINLOOP!", although I'm sure someone here who is much more experienced than me can help find out more errors in my log and what they mean.


GTA IV Directory Screenshots.docx

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