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Adding Police cars to game..

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Hello there!

     I have an Issue. I want to install this Unmarked Chevrolet Suburban 1.0 (http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9453-2015-unmarked-chevrolet-suburban/)

I think it is the Social Club Updating, every-time I put a car in it updates.

About one car is about .75-1 Gig

I have the Store Bought Verison with the 7 Disks.

I am wondering if you guys can Help me. If you can I will be very Happy.


Officer XxOfficerMountianDewXx


Happy Holidays!




.750-1 Gig**


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10 minutes ago, XxOfficerMountianDewXx said:

Thank you.

@Albo1125 You know in Bay Area Buggs Videos and jeffs the have the glocks. I tried to install that. Where do I put it in the mods folder?

No idea. Check the documentation for the Glocks.

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