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No Scripts Work! [lspdfr]

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I really need help. I've tried every way of trying to get scripthook to work. But it does nothing at all. Only Simple Trainer, Lspdfr, Car Mods, Sounds. Work, I've tried installing the Snow Mod. Which comes in an ASI file. Pasted it into the main gta 5 game file (Steam) and it still doesn't work.

In that gta 5 game folder. I have:

1. Scripts folder (didn't put anything in it cus it didnt work when I put "No Siren" mod files in it)

2. ScriptHookV.dll

3. ScriptHookVDotNet.asi

4. ScriptHookVDotNet.dll

5. dinput8

(And main game files)

What am I missing! Help!

(running windows 7)

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