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LCPDFR not working

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Hello,  I have tried every single possible solution even the ones on the forums and other sources. That means i have downloaded and installed LCPDFR 1.1 manually, did the xlive.dll thing, i have also downloaded and installed all the microsoft requirements (like .NET) and even DirectX. Sorry my english is bad :v 

Diagnostic tool: " Installation Corrupted - LCPD"

Logs :


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[Log Check] ScriptHook.log doesn't start AdvancedHook thread [Asi loader] Using dsound

  1. [Log Check] ScriptHookDotNet.log doesn't find loader script
  2. [Log Check] ScriptHookDotNet.log doesn't start loader script
  1. [LCPD First Response] Checking LCPDFR installation
  2. [LCPD First Response] Failed to find LCPD First Response.dll
  3. [Log Check] Checking log files
  4. [Log Check] asilog.txt lists failed load: 0x00000000
  5.  The .NET Framework is installed in an unknown version
  6. 2015-12-24 15:09:27 - INFO: Phone number checks are not available!

What does it mean?

Please closed topic, working :)

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