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Vehicle Type (Weaponized Boats)

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I have a question regarding the types of vehicles that can be added to vehicles.meta

Our team has created an RHIB boat with the turret however because it is a boat vehicle type the turret doesn't work. Switching it to a car vehicle type allows the turret to work however we lose all functionality of the boat. (It sinks like a rock).

How can we edit or add vehicle types? Where is the file located to do this?

Currently you can add the following to vehicles.meta:



I have no clue where these settings are but I'd really like to diff compare VEHICLE_TYPE_BOAT vs VEHICLE_TYPE_CAR so I can see why the car vehicle type can have vehicle weapons while the boat vehicle type cannot.

Any ideas?

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UPDATE: As it turns out Good-NTS has informed me that these vehicle type settings are hardcoded so we'll have to find another way around this. Possibly via scripting,...


SO... before I exhaust a lot of effort and time into this I'd like to gauge everyone's interest. Would you like to see small scale boats with the ability for passengers to use turrets? Perhaps a battleship with cannon weapons? Or better yet Submarines with the ability to use torpedo's?


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