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GTA IV Does Not Successfully Start

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Hey guys, I have posted a topic about this before, but they have been pushed away to the point that recovering them may cause issues.


Anyways, I attempt to play GTA IV:EFLC from Steam, purchased legally, completely installed, but whenever I attempt to play, the game does not start. The mouse has the little blue circle for a second, but does not actually start. I have verified the game cache or whatever, all files were fine, still, GTA IV did not work. I have reinstalled it a couple times, still, does not start. I am wondering why this won't work, and if there is a fix. If there is, please let me know.


I am on Windows 8, and my PC specs are:


AMD FX 4300

Nvidia GT 610

(If you need anything else, let me know)


I have had a worst PC that still played the game just fine on low settings, but now it doesn't work. 


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