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Error loading the loader, heh.

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Right, this is insanely annoying now. Normally, I'm quite the computer genius and have spent literally five hours trying to fix this damn problem.


It's the error in script loader.loader problem. I've browsed the forums for some identical topics and found a couple, done everything suggested but to no avail so I'm now here as a last resort and hoping someone can help me. Long story short, I was playing this previously (yesterday) but I had reinstalled windows from windows 7 x86 to windows 7 x64. I have ensured that .NET Framework 4.5 is installed, I have ensured that I have no x64 resps visible on the add or remove programs and installed the x86 versions. I have tried both the automatic and manual installations. I have added in a few DLLs found on these forums.


I'm really clueless, I don't have an LCPDFR.log so I'll have to post the other two logs here for you.



Log started on: 17:8:38 5-10-2014
[iNFO - 17:8:38] Gameversion -
[iNFO - 17:8:38] AdvancedHookInit 0.3 © 2013 LMS - Initialized
[iNFO - 17:8:38] Attaching hooks...
[iNFO - 17:8:38] CPools::InstallHooks: Hooking CPool__Initialize
[iNFO - 17:8:38] CPools::InstallHooks: Hooking CPedFactory
[iNFO - 17:8:38] XLiveLess present - skipping xlive changes
[iNFO - 17:8:38] Disabling network connection check
[iNFO - 17:8:38] Spawning patcher thread
[iNFO - 17:8:38] Patching files
[iNFO - 17:9:21] Increasing size of "PtrNode Single" pool from 8 to 10
[iNFO - 17:9:21] Increasing size of "PtrNode Double" pool from 16 to 20
[iNFO - 17:9:21] Increasing size of "Building" pool from 112 to 132
[iNFO - 17:9:21] CPool__Initialize: Size: 132 - Name: Building - EntrySize: 32000



Log started on: 17:10:36 5-10-2014
[iNFO - 17:10:36] Gameversion -
[iNFO - 17:10:36] XLiveLess present - skipping xlive changes
[iNFO - 17:10:36] AdvancedHook 0.29 © 2010-2014 LMS - Initialized
[iNFO - 17:10:36] E-Mail: lms@lcpdfr.com
[iNFO - 17:10:36] Permission granted for LCPDFR only
[iNFO - 17:10:36] Thanks to listener, aru and #iv-modding
[iNFO - 17:10:36] Attaching exception handler...
[iNFO - 17:10:36] Exception handler attached
[iNFO - 17:10:36] Patching game functions...
[iNFO - 17:19:18] An exception occured
[iNFO - 17:19:18]
Process: C10000

Address: 118666E (Üû9)

Code: C0000005

Registerdump - EAX: 0 EBP: 3A00 EBX: 1AC8C74 ECX: 0 EDI: 0 EDX: 1C99D78 EIP: 118666E ESI: 3A40 ESP: 4C6BF214


Apparently I really fail at life, It seems my game unadministrated itself randomly and left me in confusion, sorry guys!

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