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Think ELS is crashing my game

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Hi All,


My game ran perfect for a good few months without any cashes with a good handful of car mods, LCPDFR and a few other scripts installed as part of a mod pack. I could play 2 hours sometimes without anything happening to my game. My computer isn't an amazing spec and is a bit out dated but despite a good ENB also it didn't lag and ran very nice.


I decided to tweak a few ENB config settings to get the brightness/contrast right. Doing so caused my game to be blank (black screen) when loaded into the game (with only bright lights slightly visible). I tried putting the config back to normal and it didn't do anything. Despite me trying to disable the ENB and all sorts I couldn't get out of the black screen. I decided to just reinstall a clean copy of GTA4. I deleted the folder and let Steam download everything from scratch. I then installed LCPDFR and the vehicle mods I had been using.


The problem; I can drive around as much as I like in any of these ELS enabled vehicles, however 75% of the time turning any of the ELS lights on causes an instant crash. The 15% I get about 20 seconds of them working before it crashes. The error logs don't mean anything to me and there's only one that suggests there was an issue.



Log started on: 10:25:17 5-9-2014
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Gameversion -
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Data unprotected
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Game patched
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Xlive protections disabled
[iNFO - 10:25:17] AdvancedHook 0.1f14 LCPD:FR 0.95 © 2010-2011 LMS - Initialized
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Thanks to listener, aru and #iv-modding
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Attaching exception handler...
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Exception handler attached
[iNFO - 10:25:17] Patching game functions...
[iNFO - 10:26:13] An exception occured
[iNFO - 10:26:13] Process: 900000 
 Address: EA9346 
 Code: C0000005 
 Registerdump - EAX: 1 EBP: AE4F480 EBX: 0 ECX: B5927D14 EDI: 967BB60 EDX: 0 EIP: EA9346 ESI: 22ACDB8 ESP: 6C38F2A0 

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