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Game crashing when arriving at crime scene

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Hi guys,


Since last week I'm experiencing problems with LCPD:FR, and I thought I should try to get help on the forum.


As the title states, my game crashes on some callouts when I arrive on the scene. I did some digging and found that everytime it crashes (like 90% of the time when I go to a callout location) the same line appears in the log files :


Native function named "SET_CHAR_WILL_TRY_TO_LEAVE_WATER" is not available


(it appears multiple times, and some audio that can't be loaded like street names)



It started happening after I updated Callouts+ and WoutersCallout last week. (these are 2 mods based on LCPDR:FR 1.0 API). So I guess it might come from the new callouts they created...


Any idea how to get rid of it ?


Some Specifications :

GTA Vanilla (legal) last patch

Less Overtaking mod


Thanks a lot for reading.
PS : I don't attach log files because I played tomorrow and they've been erased, but if you really need them, I could try to play some callouts and crash it.

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hey whiteslash, i was googling for an answer ot the same problem and i found your thread. Can u tell me if u manage to fix lcpdfr from crashing, or the cause? i have the same problem, i respond to a call, and when i arrive, the game crashes. Maybe its the spawning of the criminals or something. Please help me if u fixed it. Thanks in adnvace.

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