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Install issue & random crash

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Good evening all i need help to right set, and install this mod as multiplayer.
I ll be glad to speak with somone bcs ur teamspeak is currently offline.

I have follow many guides  to install that mod and finally is almost "working"
i also need help to install das dispatch ty.
this is my skype contact:


system spec:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
cpu: Intel core duo quad 2.3 Ghz
ram: 8gb
gpu: Nvidia Gtx560

installed software:
gta iv and EFLC
C++ 2012 x86   (bcs apperantly this mod dont recognize the x64 version)
Microsoft framenetwork 4.5+

now the error:

I'm not really good to use this mod.. however... many time while u are pressing e key the game crash! and all other many time while u are aiming the sus.

this are the lcpd:FR.log   and the advancedhook.log


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