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LCPDFR 1.0b not starting

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Greetings! i have a small problem with the LCPDFR and the problem is it won't start i have tried both manual and automatic installation and after it installs the game works normally i load in the appartment but when i press the P button nothing happens (also tried ALT+P) i am a total "noob" as far as modding goes but i did have LCPDFR 0.95 a while back and it worked great without any problems. as for the .log files that were suppose to include i did not find any of them in my GTA IV folder. hope you guys can help me resolve this issue so i can play this awesome mod again :smile:  Thanks for all the help!



EDIT: i have installed the 0.95 version of the mod and it works normally but still can't get the 1.0b version to work :/ please help me get the 1.0b version to work since it has quite some nice improvements compared to the 0.95 and i really am out of ideas what could i be doing wrong or what could be the cause of the 1.0b not working  :wallbash:

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