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ive been searching for help, and i haven't found any help.

(im using GTA IV:EFLC (gay tony))


I have been trying over 20 techniques to fix it, nothing has worked, i dont want to have to re-download GTA


The diagnostics tool says that i don't have it, even though whenever i use the download link, i have the latest, or higher version of said program, for every program related to it.


my diagnostics tool shown here


(please don't go on about the windows 8 thing, its crappy and i don't have access to a proper PC, now shussh about it.)


even if it's just the diagnostic tool that's broken, when i enter the game i get "Error loading LCPDFR_Loader.Loader"

and the logs think i have a problem with the AdvancedHook.dll


can i please have some help?


here is my directory


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