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Cannot install the mod on Windows 7 32bit OS

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I have Windows 7 32bit and the normal installer doesn't works. because the installation requires Visual C++ Redistributable x64 to be installed. but thoose who have W7 32bit OS they cant install any 64bit program on their PC so i don't know this is just a fail about your installer or you direct made the installer like this. This is the reason why i also can't generate API key to my account in the installer :/ of course i manually installed the mod and it's working fine. :) im just curious will you make an updated installer which doesn't requires Visual C++ Redistributable x64 to be installed on our system?(except if the user has 64bit OS) and when will be the manual API key generator online again? :)

PS: when i try to remove the thick from the Visual C++ x64 i get this message:



the installer is forced to install x64 version of Visual C++ and this is bad :S

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