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CVPI Request

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Just a hopefully basic request on a CVPI. A 2004ish (I want the black honeycomb grill) with the silver hubcaps. I'm looking for a DSF body and a Fedsig Arjent light bar. If possible I'd like the amber lights to work independently of the primaries so it won't sketch out with ELS 7. I would also like red and blue lights on the left and right respectively as well as red and blue mirror lights. On the inside I would like to see (again if possible) the new ARMA center, if not not a big deal as long as there is one in there, the prisoner barrier with the shotgun attached and window bars.


To sum it up:

  2. Fed Sig Arjent
  3. Rear deck lights (red and blue)
  4. Mirror lights (red and blue) 
  5. Prisoner barrier
  6. Window bars.


Thank you

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