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Vehicle texturing help required

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Hi all, I've only just started learning how to model for the past couple of days and I've got the basics down. I'm practicing by using the base CVPI converted from Driver San Francisco and even though I've managed to get the model working in game, the textures for the lightbar aren't showing even though I have imported the necessary files in zmodeler via materials editor and into the appropriate texture file of the car. In this case, the emerglights, vehicleenvmap128 and black image files. The vehicle textures work fine. I was quite surprised that I got my first model edit to work but the only thing that's in my way is getting the textures to work on the lightbar in zmodeler. The lightbar I have downloaded on this site is the non els arjent, I've tried importing the necessary textures files that came with the lightbar but what I don't understand is why it won't apply the textures to it. I'm probably missing something that's so obvious but if anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated :) I'm hoping that I've explained everything as clear as possible.

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