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Some Help Please

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So im new to LCPDFR and have spent the last few days getting my mods and testing things out and I've come across some key mapping issues. Some buttons seem to clash in the script between the mods.I have all the INI's for the mods opened right now to change keys as best as possible. My issue is in the INI for LCPDFR. I opened it up and there isn't a complete list of the controls for LCPDFR and I've tried looking to see if there is more controls listing in other files and have found nothing!

If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated!

Before anyone asks ive tried looking on the forums (I went 20 pages back!!)

And the mods I'm running are as followed:


Police Helper

Breathalyzer Mod

POE (Speed reader script, roadside narcotics script, Pedestrian Disarm, Less Explosion)

Car Search Mod

Less Overtake Mod

Medical Examiner

I've gone through and changed any conflicting keys but it's hard to figure out anything conflicting with LCPDFR when I dont have the whole list of LCPDFR controls to check and compare and change! Am I missing another INI file with more LCPDFR controls? I I would love to have all my mods working together fluidly and get the hang og the controls and all so I can get online and play with others!

Thanks for any advise in advance!

I just realized I posted in the wrong section x )

Can a mod delete this post please?

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Disable your trainer keys by clicking Ctrl+F and typing in "KeyBindings". Change the 'KeyBindingsDisabled' value from 0 to 1, which will allow your ELS to work with trainer (if your ELS does not work). If your other mods came with readmes, navigate to where the keybindings are and check if they interfere with anything.  

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