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FDLC Script - ER Drop Off Locations

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Hi all, I was unable to find a support thread so felt it most appropriate to post here...

Me and a few friends have been playing with Braveheart's FDLC script and we love it!  But, we seem to be unable to find the ER drop off locations.

From watching a video on YouTube I have been able to pin point one location at the North Holland Hospital (Vauxite and Galveston) but it seems your vehicle position has to be very accurate to drop off the person.


If anyone has any knowledge of the locations or any other tips that could help us out, please leave a comment.



CriticalFaction  :thumbsup:

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They will be marked on you map I believe, If not use police tool, I have used it in conjunction and its been working. try that and report back. Also he isn't updating it, at least not to public.

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