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Random Crashing

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Hello everyone, I am having certain problems with LCPDFR and related mods like vdH helper, coroner, and towing services, IVdashcam, and others. I have attached a text file from the G17 debugging tool if that helps at all.

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Unfortunately that's the nature of the beast, we all crash every now and then. For me I can sometimes play for over an hour without crashing, and then sometimes I crash after 10 minutes.   Though it looks like you are running a lot of add ons. One thing you can try is removing all of them and then add them one by one, and see if you can play longer.  You might find one that for what ever reason your system doesn't like or the # of mods you can run without crashing often.   I also run a few of the ones you use as well in all honesty. 

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