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Round Lights for "Texas DPS HIGHWAY Patrol Pack" (NON ELS)

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Hey there, I'm writing because I've been looking for a close resemblance to the surete du quebec cars. I've found models that are as close as they get but there are two things I'm conflicted by.


For one I'm looking for a non-els models, because my computer isn't so strong.

and secondly, the lights on the roof aren't as depicted in pictures I've found (wide, round lights).


The textures aren't as much as a concern, considering I can rebuild them with the template in the rar file so my question is:


Can someone help me find, or build, a close resemblance of the cars bellow (EXCLUDING the nstockade) WITH round lights?


Desired Car Models



Example of "round lights"




Thanks :woot:

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Are you trying to say you want a different type of lightbar? Try to find a real-life image of what car you are trying to recreate (or even better, the name of the lightbar) and we should be able to help you look for some cars with that lightbar. 


By the looks of it after a quick google search it seems like you're after cars with an mx7000 lightbar. 







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Pretty much!

I had a link with a ton of pictures but I lost it! I'll look around and get back to you soon!

I've attached a win rar file to my post with variation of what I'm looking for, let me know what you think!


I think this collection would be a nice addition to lcpdfr's selection of car mods!

I don't see the attachment so I'll upload it to another website and edit in the link when it's complete




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Test... Sorry just testing something do t mind me

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Any news?

I gave you links to a number of vehicles with those type of lightbars in Non-ELS, what more were you after? 

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