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Hey guys. I'm hoping one of ya'll can help me. I wanted to try to get some models in game, since i've modded other games before. So did a Google search to see what I could dig up. Well I found this:http://gtapolicemods.com/showthread.php?14612-Basics-of-adding-materials-importing-models-correct-hierarchy-and-exporting-in-Zmodhttp://gtapolicemods.com/showthread.php?14612-Basics-of-adding-materials-importing-models-correct-hierarchy-and-exporting-in-Zmod .I got stuck on the 4th pic. Where do I get the Veshare files? Or maybe i'm just overlooking something.

Thanks for any help,

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when using sparkiv or openiv in the vehicles.img file there is a seperate "vehicle" thats called vehshare, you can find all the textures you need in there

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