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Sanchez engine sound mod problem

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Hi, been following this forum a long time and been playing a lot of LCPD:FR and now I post in the forums and give something back to the community.

I am making (Trying) an engine sound mod for the Sanchez, I want the 2 stroke sound, I seen a lot of videos on you tube but they do not even sound like motorbikes, let alone a 2-stroke mx.

So, by myself I got sounds of a YZ125 from all angles, idle, low rev and high rev. I put these files and went to see how it sounded in GTA IV, absolutely nothing like it!
Best I can explain is, it sounds just like a moped, though higher pitched, no "ding ding" noises or anything like the .WAV files have!

Anyone know the problem here?

It's the same MHz etc, in SparkIV the preview sounds exactly what I wanted, in GTA: IV it sounds like a scooter/hairdryer!

Thanks for any help!

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