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little help with my mod

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ok as you know i made my own nypd esu canine handler from the noose heli pilot not i want to know how can i change the heli helmet to a ball cam like fbi wears i got the hat designed from fbi pedprob & it fits on the noose heli pilot problem is the hat is to far back & to low it needs to be adjusted im not sure how to do this so if somone can explain how to do so or wants to take a crack at it i will attach the files for the  hat  the hat i have designed  & attached is based off the nypd canine handler esu i have look at alot of images of the officer & most wear this hat so it would be great to add it to my nypd esu canine handler uniform found on this site anyone who helps will of course get credit  when i post it  on v 1.13 of the uniform 

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