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ELS problem

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Well a little info before i show the problem. I don t know if you're ever experienced something like this but for me , first of all when i back up my gta 5 files and want to implement a ELS car i start with one to everything is all right.


so i only have 1 custom car , script hook V AB (which has native trainer in it) and standard ELS with no visual settings in my directory .

so i have installed many cars and had the same problem for most of them , for example lets have a german polizei car since they have less lights . when i am in the car everything is all right , the lights are dim but anyway , when i get away from the car , little flashing lights suddenly appear for no reason and are annoying , like for example this car [ https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vw-passat-b8-pol-sachsen-els-reflection ]  when you open the trunk you can see it has lights attached to it that work normally , when i get away from the car looking  at the trunk (closed) a blue light starts flashing thru the trunk even tho its closed  . 

I don't know if anybody understands what i am trying to explain here but as soon as i got my gta 5 reinstalled i will take a screen shot with the light that is making me problems and post it on here .




Screenshot (11).png

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