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    BOLO - June 2017


    Welcome to BOLO - our new monthly video series showcasing some of the best GTA 5 mods on offer over the past month.

      This pack is based off of Clackamas County Sheriff Office in Oregon. Ablaze did an awesome job on this pack with beautify custom liveries. The pack includes a 2016 Charger, a 2014 Charger, and to finish it off an FPIU. Plus they all have ELS! Check out Ablaze’s screenshots at the link, or view how they look in-game in the video below!

    • LSPD Pack [ELS]
      By thegreathah
      22921   82   46
    • We head back into Los Santos and catch up with thegreathah’s vehicle pack. These vehicles include ELS which makes them look great for night patrols. Included is a Tahoe, an FPIU, an FPIS, and to top it off a 2015 and 2014 Charger. All have a simple yet to the point livery and look great. As always you can check out thegreathah’s screenshots at the link, or view how they look in-game in the video below!

    • LSPD Detective Units (x3) [ELS]
      By HP Deskjet
      4286   47   5
    • A pack that brings some wonderful unmarked vehicles to the streets of Los Santos. ITheUnknownOneI added some small touches like a swaying antenna to bring these vehicles to life. The current pack includes unmarked versions of the 2016 FPIS, 2013 Impala, and the 2009 Charger. Check them out, great for detective work or keeping a low profile while you tail that suspect.

    • City of Paleto Police Department
      By t0y
      5536   47   25
    • And last but not least we have a vehicle pack that creates a whole new department in Paleto Bay. The pack includes a lovely City of Paleto livery, as well as multiple vehicles to suit your policing style.The pack includes a 2011 CVPI, a 2011 Slicktop CVPI, a 2013 Tahoe, a 2014 Charger, and a 2016 FPIS. Of course this pack comes with ELS lights and look amazing on the road. Check them out in the video.

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