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  • BOLO for March 2018


    Welcome to BOLO - our new monthly video series showcasing some of the best GTA 5 mods on offer over the past month.

      For those moments you don't want to draw attention; this CVPI will get you where you need to go while keeping a low profile.

    • This Los Angeles County Sheriff's vehicle is a beautiful combination of modern and classic. Making use of rotating lights and the beautiful livery, this vehicle would fit right at home with anyone's fleet.

      You thought we were done with low profile units? Not even close. This beautiful Dodge Charger has the equipment to track down all sorts of criminals, all while laying low.

      This CVPI makes use of a beautiful livery. Of course, the slicktop just adds to the aesthetic of a well-rounded patrol car. Not to mention the lighting; it will paint any crime scene in radiant blue