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  • BOLO for August 2018


    Welcome to BOLO - our new monthly video series showcasing some of the best GTA 5 mods on offer over the past month.



      A fantastic pack including the following vehicles:
      2011 CVPI

      2015 Charger

      2015 Tahoe

      2016 Ford Explorer


      Perfect for all your county sheriff needs!



      This Ohio State Highway Patrol Pack includes a number of vehicles, sporting the great OSHP Logo:
      2013 K9 Tahoe

      2011 CVPI

      2015 Charger

      2014 Charger

      2015 Tahoe

      2013 FPIU

      2013 Motor Carrier Tahoe


      A wonderful highway patrol pack.



      This Georgia Styled pack includes some awesome vehicles with all the antennas and lights you'll ever need!

      2014 FPIU

      2006 CVPI

      2016 Charger

      2014 Caprice


      Beautiful collection of cars and my personal favorite from this months selection.

      More coming from Georgia, this unmarked pack comes with 3 vehicles, perfect for night operations or the times you just need to get by unnoticed.

      2011 CVPI

      2013 Charger

      2015 Tahoe


      That beautiful blue color will leave you speechless.