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  • BOLO - December 2017


    Welcome to BOLO - our new monthly video series showcasing some of the best GTA 5 mods on offer over the past month.

    • I've always loved the Caprice. introduced in 1965 this bad boy quickly became the choice for police departments at the time. I was excited to see the vehicle come back with a well-deserved makeover. This vehicle model reflects that to a T. 

      BlakeM did a fantastic job getting this bad boy all up and running in Los Santos!

    • [ELS] 2015 Ford Rescue Medic
      By downcoldkiller
      10093   38   13
    • When you absolutely have to have the best. The 2015 Ford Rescue Medic is a fantastic addition to Los Santos' fire departments. With amazing detail both inside and out, you will be hard-pressed to find another model like it.

    • Chevy Silverado, introduced in 1998 and still truckin  (pun intended). With a minimum of 285 horsepower, this vehicle will give your County Sheriffs a new, unmarked way, of tracking you down.

    • [ELS] Police Dodge Durango
      By Torz
      4926   61   24
    • With a towing capacity up to 7,400 lbs, this would be a welcome addition to your LSPD fleet. Fantastic details and a beautiful livery, this one is hard to pass up.